Nervous about getting the treatment you need?

Let us put you at ease with our sedation options so you can feel relaxed during your appointment!

Types of Sedation:

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, has been used in dentistry for decades to help ease patients’ stress. It has remained a popular method of sedation for so long because it provides patients with a feeling of comfort and euphoria during treatment. Best of all, the effects wear off quicker than other sedation methods so you can drive yourself home.

Conscious Oral Sedation

If you choose oral conscious sedation for your visit, you’ll be given a small pill to take 30 minutes before your appointment. Once the effects have set in and you’re thoroughly relaxed, we’ll begin your treatment. Oral conscious sedation is popular among dentists because it’s easy to administer, safe, and effective.

Please be aware you will need someone to drive you home if you choose this option.

IV Sedation

IV sedation is typically used for surgical procedures such as tooth extraction. However, for patients suffering from extreme anxiety, it can be used for any procedure. If you choose IV sedation, a sedative will be delivered intravenously into your arm and you’ll quickly fall into a state of deep relaxation. By the time the effects start to wear off, your dental care will be complete and you won’t even remember it happening.
If you choose this option, it’s important to not eat or drink anything before your procedure and get a ride home from someone you know.


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