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What Are Porcelain Veneers?   

Porcelain veneers are ceramic shells made of medical-grade material that covers the front of natural teeth. A patient’s smile can be instantly transformed with dental veneers. Each patient receives customized porcelain veneers in Nashville, TN, to ensure a flawless fit. The cutting-edge materials closely resemble your tooth enamel.   

Dentists  use dental veneers for cosmetic repairs, such as teeth whitening and orthodontic modifications. They are among the most well-known and renowned cosmetic dental treatments because of their realistic and natural appearance and their many applications.  

Porcelain Veneers 101   

What Distinguishes Porcelain from Resin Veneers?  

Acquiring porcelain veneers has several advantages, but you may also be familiar with composite resin veneers . You can discuss which material will work best for you with your dentist. 

The resin composite alternative can be customized to fit your smile and is also constructed to mimic the appearance of your natural tooth. With the right maintenance, this material is resilient and can last several years.   

The major drawback of choosing resin composite is that this will discolor like your natural teeth because it is not stain-resistant.  

What is the Dental Veneer Procedure?   

You’ll probably need at least three separate trips to the dentist to get veneers. During the first visit, a consultation is held to discuss the treatment goals. The second visit involves planning and construction of the veneers. Finally, your dentist will apply the veneers on your teeth in the third visit.    

You can get veneers for one or more teeth at a time, so if you prefer, you can have all the treatment done at once.   

  • Consultation   

It will help to discuss your dental goals and the reason you want veneers with your dentist during your initial appointment.  

Your dentist will check your teeth to determine what kind of dental veneers—if any—are suitable for your teeth, and they will go over the entire procedure with you. At this initial meeting, you will also hear about some of the limitations you need to take into account.   

Your dentist will also take x-rays or create impressions of your teeth if necessary.  

  • Preparation and Veneer Construction   

Your dentist may need to make some adjustments to the surface of your tooth for it to support a veneer. To ensure that your mouth feels natural after the previous appointment, a dental professional will remove some enamel to make way for your future veneer.   

You and the dentist will decide if a local anesthetic is necessary to numb the area before they do dental work on your tooth. Your dentist will then take impressions using a cast, which and deliver it to a dental lab, where a veneer is made for you.   

  • Typically, this procedure will take at least a few weeks, and the lab will give the veneer set to your dentist before your last appointment. Bonding and Application   

Before firmly gluing the veneers to your teeth, your dentist will check the fit and color during the last appointment. To ensure the veneer fits properly, your dentist will remove and trim it. If necessary, they might also change the hue at this point.  

Before the bonding procedure, your dentist will cleanse, polish, and roughen your teeth to ensure the veneers can adhere permanently. While they apply the veneer is applied to your tooth, they will use a special cement to glue it.   

After placing the veneer on your tooth, the dentist will also turn on a special light to activate the cement’s ingredients and speed up the curing process. Once the dentist checks the fit and removes extra cement, they will make any necessary final modifications.  

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