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What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root created with a special titanium alloy that can fuse directly with your bone. This fusion process is called ‘osseointegration’ and it helps provide your jawbone with the support it needs after a tooth has been lost. When you lose a tooth, without that support, your jawbone can start to deteriorate and give your face a more sunken appearance.

Implant dentistry is the best restorative option for missing teeth, because unlike other restorative options, implant dentistry restores both the surface area of your tooth and the tooth root. With a dental implant, your face and smile will look healthier, and you will be able to attain the same quality of life you enjoyed before your tooth loss. Our dental implants are topped with a beautiful, handcrafted porcelain crown that looks and feels natural. A dental implant combined with a beautiful porcelain crown creates a perfect, comfortable tooth replacement.

The Implant Dentistry Process


  • At our practice, we can place and restore the implant in one convenient location. You can have your implant placed by your dentist, who you trust in our familiar and welcoming office.
  • The implant dentistry procedure involves at least two appointments. During the first appointment, the implant will be placed, and after the procedure you will be given time to heal.
  • After your healing period, you will come into our office to have your tooth fully restored with a porcelain crown. Each crown is custom made for each patient to provide perfect occlusion and comfort.

At Elam, Vaughan, and Fleming, our doctors are involved in every step of the implant process. From surgically placing the implant in the bone, to restoring your smile with a beautiful crown, we are here with you!

To find out more about implant dentistry, call us at our office. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have, and to schedule an appointment.

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