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Funny mature man with beautiful smileThe Dentistry of Nashville team is committed to providing top quality general and family services to our patients to help them achieve greater oral health and overall happiness. At our practice, you can receive meaningful care for both you and your loved ones in one convenient location.

Our team wants to establish a doctor/patient relationship with you that can last a lifetime. We will get to know you personally, and work with you to make sure that each service is tailored to your needs. At our practice, we treat patients of every age and background. We love our patients and work to create a comfortable environment where they can feel at home while they receive excellent dental treatment.

General and family dentistry services are focused on maintenance and prevention. When you come into our office every six months for your regular appointment, we will educate you and help you learn how to take care of your teeth so that you can avoid dental problems and improve and maintain your oral health.

Some of our general and family dentistry services include:

Regular Dental Cleanings | Regular dental cleanings help our patients prevent cavities, periodontal disease, and other problems. We recommend a professional dental cleaning every six month for optimal oral care. You’ll love how smooth and clean your teeth will feel afterward.

Portrait of beautiful girlRegular Dental Checkups and X-rays | Your dentist will personally check your teeth every six months to make sure they are healthy. The earlier a dental problem is detected, the easier the problem is to fix. With regular dental checkups and x-rays, you can feel secure in your oral health. Our x-rays are completely safe and can detect growing dental problems fast.

Oral Cancer Screenings | Oral cancer is a scary and life threatening mouth condition. The earlier oral cancer is detected, the better chance you’ll have for effective treatment. At our practice we keep our patients safe with an oral cancer screening once a year.

Periodontal Treatment | Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is a common disease that affects almost eighty percent of Americans, but it can have serious negative side effects if left untreated. Our team can provide meaningful treatment to our patients in the Nashville area and help them avoid tooth loss and other periodontal problems.

To schedule a general dentistry appointment, call us at our office today!

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